Keep Farms and Livestock Clean and Healthy

Ultra-Archaea is a proven bioremediation product, consisting of over 100 species of archaea. This consortium of organisms works to clean up hydrocarbons, fats, oils, greases, odor problems, and excessive nutrient loads. Ultra-Archaea also outcompetes less-hardy organisms, such as coliform bacteria and pre-bloom algae. This leads to many uses in the farming and animal care communities.

Ammonia Control

Ultra-Archaea is uniquely adept at using the nitrogen in ammonia as part of its digestive process of breaking down organic waste. This enables the Ultra-Archaea microbes to consume urine and urea while also breaking down solid waste in pens or in lagoons. This keeps ammonia gas out of the atmosphere, which can be hazardous to many animals, including chicken grow-outs, and horse and cattle stalls.

Animal Health

Ultra-Archaea will outcompete many pathogens, including coliform bacteria. This is important in locations where hoof disease may be prevalent, for cattle, horses, pigs, and zoo animals. At one zoo in Massachusetts, Ultra-Archaea reduced coliform levels on flooring substrates as well as in the creeks running through the zoo. This led to a diseased elephant hoof being cured in the process.

Algae Control

Algae bloom in many agricultural ponds due to high nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient loads coming from both fertilizer and animal waste. Dosing pond perimeters with Ultra-Archaea in the early Spring, as the water begins to warm and algae starts to grow, will reduce, or eliminate, summer algae blooms while also cleaning dead organic material from the surface and bottom of the pond.

Odor Reduction

Due to its ability to remove nitrogen from urine and to digest solid waste, Ultra-Archaea is an excellent product to use to reduce the two main odor-causing elements of any farm. Whether in stalls or in ponds or lagoons, Ultra-Archaea will reduce the amount of unhealthy and odorous ammonia and hydrogen sulfide entering the atmosphere.

Fly Prevention

Ultra-Archaea also outcompetes fly larvae. In buildings and stalls where flies are a concern, spreading Ultra-Archaea on the substrate or adding it to washdown water will eliminate the number of fly larvae that mature into flies, greatly reducing the number of nuisance and disease-carrying flies in and around the buildings and the property itself.

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Ammonia, Odors, and Flies Eliminated in Stables, Pens, and Lagoons

Ultra-Archaea was field-tested at a large North Carolina equestrian center, specifically targeting the persistent issue of ammonia odors in horse stables. During this comprehensive study, the product, presented in its powder form, was methodically applied to designated stalls. An initial generous application set the stage, which was then bolstered by consistent weekly reapplications.

To gauge the product’s effectiveness, advanced gas analysis techniques were employed. These methods meticulously measured the ammonia levels, providing quantifiable data on the environment’s quality.

The results were compelling. There was a significant reduction in ammonia levels across all treated stalls. This not only created a more pleasant atmosphere for the horses but also translated to safer working conditions for barn laborers. Furthermore, an unexpected yet welcome outcome was observed: the treated stalls exhibited a reduced need for shavings. This indicated that the stalls dried faster post-treatment and maintained a cleaner state, further emphasizing the multifaceted benefits of Ultra-Archaea.

Across the globe, one of the largest livestock and dairy farms in the GCC and Middle East faced challenges related to biowaste, particularly in controlling odors and ensuring the health of their animals. A significant area of concern was the pens where newborn calves resided, and the farm’s pond system designed for bioremediation of barn waste. The pens were plagued by odors from urine and manure, and a substantial fly population, which not only was a nuisance but also posed health risks due to their potential as disease carriers. The ponds exhibited high levels of ammonia and some hydrogen sulfide, leading to persistent odors that could extend beyond the farm’s boundaries.

In response to these challenges, a solution involving Ultra-Archaea was proposed and implemented. This product, packed with five billion microbes per gram, was designed to break down ammonia in urine and consume the organic waste in manure, effectively preventing odor. Additionally, Ultra-Archaea demonstrated its capability to outcompete fly larvae, digesting the organic waste before the larvae could, thereby preventing their maturation into adult flies. Within just two days of application in the calf pens, a marked improvement was observed. When applied to the ponds, there was a significant reduction in odors and enhanced water quality. Calves appeared more comfortable, odors were significantly reduced across the farm, and the fly population saw a drastic decline.

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