Eliminate FOG from Wastewater Systems

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are notorious for causing blockages, unpleasant odors, and operational challenges in grease traps, lift stations, wastewater treatment plants, and more. These accumulations can disrupt the smooth flow of wastewater, leading to inefficiencies and increased maintenance costs. Ultra-Archaea provides an effective solution to these challenges.

For grease traps, introducing Ultra-Archaea directly or via the drain with warm tap water can lead to significant improvements. The product’s efficacy is quickly noticeable, with odors reducing within hours and grease deposits softening within a week. This results in cleaner drainage lines and reduced maintenance intervals.

Lift stations, vital components in wastewater management, are often plagued by FOG accumulations that can hinder their performance. Ultra-Archaea, when added directly to the wet well, actively breaks down and removes FOG from the wastewater. With a potent concentration boasting 20 billion microbes per gram, Ultra-Archaea ensures efficient wastewater flow and reduces the challenges posed by FOG in lift stations.

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Clearing the FOG at a Major Hotel

At a massive hotel in the Middle East with over 300 rooms and five restaurants, grease traps were clogging every week or two, necessitating weekly pumping. The frequent clogging of grease traps in such a large establishment not only posed operational challenges but also had financial implications due to the regular maintenance required. Moreover, the unpleasant odors from the grease traps were detrimental to the hotel’s ambiance and could potentially affect its reputation.

Ultra-Archaea is now being used to eliminate both the clogging of the grease traps and the associated odors. By integrating Ultra-Archaea into their maintenance routine, the hotel effectively addressed the root cause of the issue. This microbial solution breaks down the fats, oils, and grease that lead to blockages, ensuring smooth operations. Rather than pumping out the grease traps each week, hotel staff now only pump them out once each quarter. The significant reduction in pumping frequency not only translates to cost savings for the hotel but also underscores the product’s efficiency in maintaining a cleaner and odor-free environment, enhancing the overall guest experience.

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