Extend the Life of Septic Systems

Modern septic systems have two main components: a septic tank and a leaching field. Commercial systems may have grease traps. There are variations, such as systems with pumps and dosing schemes; however, the septic tank and leaching field are the primary components that treat the waste.

The septic tank receives the wastewater from the drains and slows the velocity of the water, allowing solids heavier than water to settle and solids lighter than water to float (fats, oils, and grease). Natural microbes begin changing the organic material into water-soluble fatty acids, carbon dioxide, and water. Water exits the tank below the floating material and above the settling solids. The water flows to the leaching field. Sludge builds up in the septic tank, and the tank must be pumped periodically; if not, scum may overflow into the leaching field.

The leaching field further treats the wastewater. If the scum layer overflows the septic tank outlet, the leaching field may quickly become fouled with fats and greases, plugging it, eventually requiring replacement.

Ultra-Archaea is the perfect solution for keeping septic tanks and leaching fields working properly. The microbes in Ultra-Archaea are naturally occurring, ancient microbes, cultivated from hot springs and volcanoes. They adjust to harsh environments and efficiently convert any organic waste to beneficial water-soluble fatty acids, carbon dioxide, and water. Fatty acids do not plug leaching fields and, in fact, can organically fertilize the leaching field.

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As Clean as an Active Septic Tank Can Be!

Septic tanks, when left untreated, can accumulate significant sludge over time, requiring frequent pumping and expensive maintenance. In severe, but not overly uncommon scenarios, major blockages or complete septic system failures can occur, which can cause catastrophic damage inside and outside of the building tied to the system.

In the case of the pictured septic tank, despite not being pumped for over three years, the usual inch-thick floating sludge is notably absent. This remarkable outcome was achieved by treating the tank with just 1 lb. of Ultra-Archaea each month for one year. The minimal bottom sludge and the presence of mere soap suds on the surface further attest to the tank’s efficient functioning. The clear effluent is also a clear indication of the tank’s optimal performance, highlighting the efficacy of Ultra-Archaea in maintaining septic system health.

Treating conventional septic tanks and systems with Ultra-Archaea is easy, affordable, safe, and environmentally beneficial. With shakers, tablets, or bags, Ultra-Archaea can be deployed directly into the septic tank itself or from within the business or residence.

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