Returning Soil to its Natural State... Naturally

Ultra-Archaea is a powerful solution for addressing soil contamination, particularly in the realm of hydrocarbon pollutants. By introducing these specific microbes to contaminated areas, they actively digest hydrocarbon molecules, breaking them down into harmless byproducts like water, carbon dioxide, and lipids, which serve as natural nourishment for aquatic life and plants. The complexity of the hydrocarbon determines the digestion rate; for instance, kerosene and diesel are consumed more swiftly than motor oil.

The potency of Ultra-Archaea lies in its microbial density, introducing as many as 5 billion microbes per gram to contaminated sites. Within hours, given the right conditions of water, oxygen, and an organic food source, these microbes reproduce exponentially, expanding from billions to trillions. This rapid proliferation ensures that vast microbial colonies form, which then work diligently to digest and remediate oil both on land and water. Beyond oil spills, Ultra-Archaea is effective in treating greasy catch basins, oil/water separators, grease traps, septic tanks, storm drains, and various other areas where contaminants are prevalent. This natural remediation process not only cleanses the environment but also ensures the preservation and health of the surrounding ecosystem.

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Fully Revitalizing Serverly Contaminated Sites

A former site in Michigan, once used by a major oil company, was contaminated with jet fuel, diesel fuel, and gasoline from leaking aboveground storage tanks and underground pipes. After some excavation was completed, additional clean-up measures were necessary to prevent further contamination from fouling abutting wetlands and a nearby river. UltraTech International engineers collaborated with a local engineering firm, providing them with training and consultation as needed.

Ultra-Archaea was added to soil surfaces, blended into the soil, and injected into soil borings. Monitoring wells were installed to track the remediation progress. With the approval of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Ultra-Archaea was also applied to the surface waters of Lake Michigan as a response to a large oil sheen from the contamination plume that had reached open waters. Ultra-Archaea provided a critically essential solution for the complete remediation of the site and surrounding environment. The property has now been successfully re-developed into a corporate complex.

Similarly, in Nigeria, decades of oil pollution have severely impacted various regions of the country. To address this environmental crisis, the United Nations approved an allocation of over $6 million USD for cleanup efforts. Ultra-Archaea was identified as a rapid and efficient solution for addressing this contamination and was applied alongside added nutrients to the soil.

The results of the Ultra-Archaea applications were significant: Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in the soil where it was applied decreased from approximately 45,000 mg/kg to about 2,000 mg/kg in just 6 weeks. Due to the effectiveness of the treatment, three plots were awarded to UltraTech International for remediation, all of which have since been successfully treated with Ultra-Archaea.

Although there is still much to be done to fully revitalize Nigeria’s polluted environments, Ultra-Archaea is a positive and very promising step in the right direction.

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