Natural Algae Control for Healthier Water Bodies

Ultra-Archaea offers a natural and effective solution to the pervasive issue of algae overgrowth in various water bodies. Designed to be safe and environmentally friendly, this product seamlessly integrates with overall farm maintenance protocols without introducing any negative side effects. Its primary mechanism of action lies in its ability to rebalance the ecology of ponds and lakes. When water bodies experience nutrient overload from sources like fertilizer run-off or animal waste, it often leads to rapid algae proliferation. Ultra-Archaea addresses this by introducing beneficial microbes that consume these excess organic nutrients. By doing so, they out-compete the algae for their primary food source, effectively inhibiting their overgrowth.

The versatility of Ultra-Archaea is evident in its wide range of applications. It has been successfully used in recreational ponds and lakes, cranberry bog irrigation ponds, agricultural irrigation reservoirs, golf course ponds, and wastewater lagoons. The underlying principle remains consistent across these varied environments: by leveraging the power of these beneficial microbes, Ultra-Archaea naturally curtails algae growth, ensuring cleaner, healthier water bodies. This approach not only tackles the immediate issue of algae but also promotes a more balanced and sustainable aquatic ecosystem.

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Repeatable Success in Real World and Academic Applications

University of Massachusetts Amherst Cranberry Station Study

A three-year study (2014-2016) using the Ultra-Archaea Formula on a historically algae-laden cranberry irrigation pond resulted in no nuisance algae since treatment. Algae did not occur for two seasons in a row with one springtime treatment each year. In the third season, no Ultra-Archaea treatment was applied to see if the benefits of prior treatments persisted. Algae did not re-occur.

Following the success of the U Mass Amherst Cranberry Station study and several years of anecdotal success in treating recreational ponds and golf course ponds with Ultra-Archaea, a formal field pilot study commenced on three historically algae-laden cranberry irrigation ponds in Southeastern Massachusetts. In all three ponds, no algae over-growth occurred in either the ponds or the ditches.

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